Monitoring and Control

Elara 11 Monitoring and Control


Innovative multi-color display

Real time information is easy to read, even from a distance.
Indicates program icon and name, cycle parameters, temperature and pressure in the chamber.
During the selected program each stage of the sterilization cycle is displayed with both an active color wheel and text.
  • The color of the wheel and text change for each phase of the cycle
  • Wheel moves to indicate activity through each part of the cycle
  • Remaining time displayed during Water Filling, Sterilization, and Drying phases
  • Multiple languages





R.PC.R Software (Optional)

(Remote PC Reporting Software)
  • Remote monitoring of multiple autoclaves from any PC on your local network in real time
  • Automatic downloading of cycle history to your PC
  • Built in memory capable of storing approximately 100 cycles of data
  • Easy management of each machines cycle history
  • Analysis of any cycle process using easy to understand graphs or table data
  • Generate PDFs from cycle analysis that can easily be printed for future reference
  • R.PC.R can also analyze and store cycle history downloaded with a USB drive