Model 5075HSG

Product Description

The 5075HSG is a fully featured 160 liter stand-alone pre & post vacuum autoclave. Many years of expertise with industrial sterilization technology have been packaged into the 5075 autoclave models to make them ideal laboratory grade autoclaves.The 5075HSG is a mobile free-standing unit. They are as simple and easy to use as any Tuttnauer tabletop autoclave. The 5075HSG offers all the features and reliability of a large capacity, laboratory grade autoclave at a fraction of the size and cost.


This sterilizer operates with saturated steam as the sterilization agent. Typical laboratory applications include liquids, fabrics, surgical instruments, and utensils. The end user has the ability to select from a wide range of steam sterilization programs and test cycles, meeting the needs of any marketplace.

  • The Bowie-Dick Test checks the effectiveness of removing air during the cycle
  • The Vacuum Leak Test checks the integrity of the chamber and piping system


  • 316L grade stainless steel chamber and door with electropolish finish
  • Two RTD load probes for liquid cycles
  • High volume water-ring vacuum pump for fast and efficient air removal
  • Stand-by heating mode keeps the autoclave warm and ready for use
  • Double locking safety device prevents door from opening at high pressure and high temperature
  • Control lock-out switch prevents starting a cycle if door is not properly locked
  • Built-in alpha-numeric printer
  • Mounted on wheels for easy mobility and sterilization on demand

Specifications for 5075HSG (Includes Built-in Generator)

Chamber Dimensions Ø x L (inches)

19.5" x 29.5"

Chamber Volume (Liters)


Number of Shelves


Shelf Dimensions W x H x L (inches)

Small: 11.9" x 0.8" x 27.6"

Large: 18.6" x 0.8" x 27.6"

Electrical Requirements (Control System, Vacuum Pump)

1-Phase, 120V, 20 AMP

Electrical Requirementes (20kW Generator)

3-Phase, 208V, 56 AMP (Draw)

3-Phase, 480V, 25 AMP (Draw)

Plant Steam Supply


Cold Water Supply *Contact Tuttnauer for

Recommended water quality

3/4" NPT

Building Drain *Floor Sind Recommended


Heat Load to Room (Btu/Hr)


Overall Dimensions WxHxL (inches)

33.6" x 65.4" x 44.8"

Autoclave Weight (Lbs)


* Contact a Tuttnauer representative to obtain certified drawings.

* Due to continuing equipment development, specifications are subject to change without notice.