Small Research Sterilizers

44 & 55 Compact Series

Product Description

Tuttnauer’s small line of autoclaves are used in animal care facilities worldwide, incorporating the latest techniques to effectively sterilize heat and moisture-stable materials in a timely and efficient manner. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these models are both reliable and easy to use. Multiple cycle options (vacuum, gravity, liquid) come standard, with a full temperature range.


This sterilizer operates with saturated steam as the sterilization agent. Typical animal care applications include glassware, cages, bedding, feed and surgical instruments. The end user has the ability to select from a wide range of steam sterilization programs and test cycles, meeting the needs of any marketplace.

  • The Bowie-Dick Test checks the effectiveness of removing air during the cycle
  • The Vacuum Leak Test checks the integrity of the chamber and piping system


The sterilizer chamber is made from 316L stainless steel and requires a steam source in order to operate. Carbon and stainless steel generators are available, depending on the application. All models can be manufactured using single or double door configurations along with sliding/hinged door options.

Tuttnauer offers 2 standard models, other sizes are available:


Chamber Dimensions
(W x H x L)
Chamber Volume
Cubic Feet
16 X 16 X 28
4 (120)
20 X 20 X 38
9 (250)