Bulk Laboratory Sterilizers

Product Description

Tuttnauer’s bulk line of autoclaves are designed to handle the most critical sterilization processes, utilizing a liquid ring mechanical vacuum pump for pre/post vacuum capabilities. Offered in a wide range of custom sizes and door configurations, these models can be tailored to meet the demands of any facility. The bulk line is manufactured with unparalleled quality and dependability, primarily used in the Bio-Technology, University and General Laboratory markets, as well as Animal Care Facilities. Multiple cycle options (vacuum, gravity, liquid) come standard, with a full temperature range.

Bulk Sterilizers



Tuttnauer’s Bulk Steam Sterilizers operate with saturated steam as the sterilization agent. Operators can select from a wide variety of steam sterilization programs and test cycles to sterilize general laboratory products as well as animal bedding & feed. Tuttnauer’s easy to use microprocessor controls, monitors and prints out all phases of each cycle for record keeping and analysis.


The sterilizer chamber is made from 316L stainless steel and requires a steam source in order to operate. Carbon and stainless steel generators are available, depending on the application. All models can be manufactured using single or double door configurations, and come standard with automatic horizontal sliding door(s).

Tuttnauer’s line of bulk autoclaves can be fitted with the proper room isolation seal appropriately designed for the individual application.

  • Bio-Seal: Manufactured using a gasket material designed to prevent airborne contaminants from entering the clean areas of the facility.
  • Vermin Seal: Manufactured using aluminum or stainless steel designed to prevent rodents from passing between areas.


Tuttnauer offers 8 standard models, other sizes are available:
Chamber Dimensions (W x H x L)
Chamber Volume
Cubic Feet (Liters)
26 x 62 x 76
71 (2000)
36 x 48 x 72
72 (2030)
36 x 62 x 60
77 (2190)
36 x 86 x 86
154 (4360)
42 x 86 x 86
180 (5090)
49 x 86 x 86
209 (5930)
62 x 86 x 86
265 (7510)
72 x 86 x 86
308 (8720)