Additional Options

Mounting Alternatives

The sterilizer can be supplied in one of the following mounting alternatives:

  • Recessed in One or Two Walls
  • Free Standing with a Stainless Steel Cabinet Enclosure

Air Removal Method

Tuttnauer’s sterilization method substantially shortens cycle times.  This is achieved by evacuating air from the chamber with either a water ejector or liquid ring vacuum pump, combined with steam pressure pulsing.

Clean Steam Package

316L grade stainless steel piping, fittings, and components are available for clean steam applications.  High quality steam can be used for tissue culture work, sterile water preparation and other special processes.

Room Isolation Seals

To provide separation of dissimilar environments, the sterilizer can be fitted with the proper room isolation seal appropriately designed for the individual application. 
  • Bio-Seal: Manufactured using a gasket material designed to prevent airborne contaminants from entering the clean areas of the facility.
  • Vermin Seal: Manufactured using aluminum or stainless steel designed to prevent rodents from passing between areas.

Air Compressor

If pressurized air is not available, Tuttnauer offers a small and quiet compressor.  The compressor is used to operate the unit’s pneumatic valves and/or power door.


RS232/485 communication ports are available to meet your sterilization needs.


In order to support long distance service and troubleshooting, the autoclave can be supplied with a built-in modem.