Advanced Sterilization Cycles

F0 Cycle

F0 calculations begin when the slowest-to-heat load temperature sensor within the autoclave has reached a pre-determined set temperature.The cycle continues to calculate the F0 function until the pre-determined set point is satisfied.

Streaming Steam Cycle (105°C)

Low temperature sanitation cycle set at 105°C.  Steam is allowed to enter the chamber and the fast exhaust valve is opened to allow steam to stream over the contents of the unit.

Disinfection/Isothermal Cycle (70°C)

A flexible low temperature cycle enables disinfection.  Temperature range settings are flexible within 70°C - 95°C range.

Thermal Effluent Sterilization Cycle

Tuttnauer sterilizers can be customized to meet the specific requirements of laboratories classified as BSL3/4 where harmful pathogens and viruses that leave the sterilizer prior to disposal must be fully sterilized.  The thermal effluent sterilization cycle will sterilize chamber air and wastewater prior to their release into the drain.