Scientific Division

Scientific Division - EngineeringHere at Tuttnauer, our primary objective is to deliver top quality products to our customers, capable of meeting the most stringent sterilization requirements. We have been assisting our customers in all areas of sterilization from Healthcare and Pharmaceutical applications to Animal Care. Steam sterilization is still considered the safest methodology for sterilizing all types of items, from Bio-Hazard to Parenteral Drugs.

We provide our customers with the ability to verify that their products can be safely and efficiently sterilized using steam. Tuttnauer has a fully operational facility, located in Hauppauge, NY, capable of testing customer products under real-time conditions. Customers can send as few or as many sample products as they like and together with our engineering staff they can develop “Cycle Parameters” to ensure sterilization.

The Tuttnauer team designs all of our autoclaves with respect to material handling, product flow, and utility requirements of the designated facility. Through the use of facility layouts and floor plans we are able to determine the right size and type of sterilizer based on our client’s needs. Furthermore, we are capable of generating drawings in many formats for use by architects, engineers, planners and end users.

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